Best Smoked Meatloaf Recipes

Find all of our Best Smoked Meatloaf Recipes for you in one location. You will love the different types of Smoked Meatloaf The Wooden Spoon Effect has created! 

Never had Smoked Meatloaf before? You’ve missed out on critical meatloaf magic if you’ve ever had a solid brick of bland, dry, and awful meatloaf.

That meatloaf magic is the Smoker!

Smoking your meatloaf infuses it with a wonderful, sweet, and smokey flavor that will keep you coming back for more! The smoker not only adds taste, but it also keeps the meat moist, soft, and tasty.

Smoked Meatloaf

If you’re a fan of smoked meatloaf recipes, then you’re going to love our new collection!

We’ve gathered all of our best recipes in one place, so you can easily find the perfect dish for your next dinner party.

Plus, our smoking techniques will give your meatloaf an amazing flavor that your guests will love. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing through our delicious recipes today!

What Tools Do I Need To Smoke A Meatloaf?

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  • A Smoker! I have a Masterbuilt and LOVE it. It is Electric and uses pellets! This is the Smoker I use.
  • Grill Pan or Basket. I use aluminum pans so that it keeps the grease from falling to the bottom of my smoker.
  • You must use an Electric Thermometer to make sure your meat is at the correct temperature.
  • For safety make sure you are using an smoker mitt or some type of heat barrier when moving the pan from the smoker.
Smoked Meatloaf

If you thought you liked meatloaf before, you’ll appreciate these smoked versions far more.

The smoke functions as an extra component, giving the meat a fantastic scent and flavor boost.

 You can make meatloaf on any type of smoker, BBQ pit, pellet grill, or even a conventional grill with some wood chips set up for implicit cooking.

What Wood Chips or Pellet Flavors Should I Use?

Sweet fruit woods like apple or cherry are great for these recipes.

Why Does My Meatloaf Fall Apart When I Cut It?

The most common cause of meatloaf falling apart is a lack of binding agents, such as eggs and breadcrumbs.

These are important ingredients because they help the meat mixture hold together and stay together while cooking.

All Of Our Best Smoked Meatloaf Recipes

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What Are You Waiting For? Get To Smoking!