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My Favorite and Latest Beverages

While there are countless recipes for the perfect meal, people around the world have managed to come up with just as many flavorful drinks.

From morning coffee and tea to more indulgent evening cocktails – whatever time of day it is, chances are you can find a tasty drink that suits your mood!

Not only do these beverages help create an atmosphere of celebration and friendship when shared among friends or family, but they also provide much-needed solace during times of need.


Michelle is a Western North Carolina based blogger.  She’s the sunscreen queen, main idea girl, creator of The Wooden Spoon Effect, and Michelle Huston Photography.  

A self taught photographer and videographer.  She loves to cook and leave the mess for her husband to clean up.  Being a recent brain surgery survivor, Michelle’s motto she tries to live by is: I’ll try anything, once!  

You can either catch Michelle standing in the kitchen with a wooden spoon in her hand or outside with her camera taking pictures of all the things.

Michelle loves her husband- Mark, her kids- Mark II and Madilyn & her granddaughters- Bailey Mae and Harper Rae, spending time as a family and traveling.

Michelle spends her down time -whenever that is- taking long hot baths, drinking wine and reading smutty books.