Benefits of Lavender

One of the most popular herbs is lavender, and for good reason. Lavender is like a miracle cure for anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, skin care, and many other things. It has some unique qualities that can sooth and calm your mind and body. Here are some benefits of lavender you don’t want to miss.

Is Lavender Good For You?

Mental Health Benefits

Lavender is really good for your mental health, often used for stress and anxiety. Lavender has natural organic compounds that are able to soothe your body and mind, helping with high amounts of emotional stress and help to relax you when your thoughts seem to overwhelm your mind. For relaxation related to mental health, it is good to either use lavender essential oils in a diffuser when you are trying to relax or even meditate, or add either the oils or herbs themselves to a hot bath to help you relax. Since it helps with stress, it can also help you to sleep.

Is Lavender Good For You?

Caring For Your Skin

Not only does it help with your emotions and mood, but it can be really good for your skin as well. Lavender is an antiseptic herb, so feel free to create a wound or burn salve and put it on your skin. Crushed lavender leaves are usually what are used for this purpose. You can also help with other skin problems, like dehydration, eczema, acne, psoriasis, and just general dry or irritated skin with the lavender.

Is Lavender Good For You?

Reducing Inflammation

You may be suffering from inflammation on your body and skin, which lavender can also help with. Putting the lavender flowers and leaves into your bathwater is a really easy way to benefit in this way. You may have inflammation from arthritis or other physical conditions, or simply have tired and sore muscles that are started to be inflamed. The problem could also be more with inflammation of your skin, which as you know lavender can also help with.

Helping With Your Hair Health 

Don’t forget that the unique qualities of lavender can also be really great for your hair. There are natural shampoos and conditioners you can buy that have lavender in them, providing a really nice scent while also helping to moisturize your hair. You can also make your own hair products with leaves from lavender or with essential oils. If you have dandruff, lavender hair products can help with that as well.

Lavender is a healing herb that smells great, is soothing, and can provide a lot of amazing benefits.

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