Holiday Dinner Dishes- To Go!

If you are attending a holiday dinner instead of cooking it in your own home, you will probably be asked to bring something. While the cooking or baking may be something you are accustomed to, you also need to think about how you are going to transport the food. You want to keep it safe, level, and warm at the same time. Here are some good recommendations for Convenient Ways to Bring Dishes to a Holiday Dinner.

Use a Slow Cooker

Crock Pot

One good way to bring dishes to your holiday dinner is by using a slow cooker. These not only conveniently cook your dish for Thanksgiving dinner, but you can keep the food in the slow cooker, unplug it, and use the clip or rubber band that keeps the lid on securely. Either carry it like this once the outside cools off, wrap it in towels and carry it, or use a slow cooker bag. These bags usually keep it warm without burning your hands, and have an easy handle on top so it is easy to transport it to the party.

Get a Casserole Dish Holder

Dish Carry

If you are making your holiday dish in a casserole pan, then get a casserole dish holder. These are similar to slow cooker bags, but they are meant to hold standard size casserole dishes. You still need to make sure the casserole is covered properly, but then you can place it in the holder. Some of them hold more than one dish by having multiple compartments in it. They are sturdy and meant to carry a lot of weight, but you should still test it before you head off.

Use a Food Container With a Lid

Casserole Dish with Lid

An easy way to bring your dish to the party is to select the container carefully. Try to find a container that holds the food and also comes with a handy lid. For example, there are glass casserole dishes you can use for baking that also come with silicone lids. These are easy to keep your food secure while locking in the warmth at the same time. If bringing deviled eggs, get a special deviled egg pan with compartments for the eggs and a lid to cover it with.

Double the Pie Tin

Disposable Pie Plate

When bringing a pie to the party, you should try to use a pie tin that has a lid. However, if it didn’t come with one, you can instead take another pie tin of the same size and flip it over to fit on top of the pie without actually touching your pie. You can then wrap aluminum foil around the entire thing. This secures the makeshift lid while keeping the pie protected.

Today’s blog post went over convenient ways to bring dishes to a holiday dinner because not everyone cooks an entire meal in their own home.

Here are few ideas from our recipes fou you to take to your Holiday Dinner!



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