Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice!

We are having a party at The Wooden Spoon Effect today!  Harper is turning 2.  Come enjoy her Lake Chatuge Second Birthday Photo Shoot.

Becoming a grandparent is a big deal in our house.  Mark and I have been looking forward to this time.  


In the Huston family we are BIG on prayer and our spoken word. 

Most days my words are uttered without conscious thought.  There are times I rarely stop and think about what I am saying.  Thousands of words pour out of my mouth each day.  For years one of my husband’s biggest encouragement to me and our children is that our words have tremendous power.  Everything we say produces an effect on our personal world.  Our words make everything happen around us.

The words that we speak and receive produce the framework of our lives and bear specific types of fruit. 

This makes me think…  What is the fruit of my lips? This question we should give serious consideration to.  Someone in our daily lives success or failure could be riding on the power of the words we speak to them.


So, Bailey Mae and Harper Rae have been and will continue to be prayed for daily.  My favorite words I end every prayer for my children will now be added to cover my grandchildren as well. 

“I speak Peace, Love, Joy, Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Abundance and Favor over Bailey and Harper all the days of their lives.” 



What Does Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Mean?

If you describe someone, especially a woman or a girl, as being sugar and spice, you mean that that person is behaving in a kind and friendly way. 

Our Harper is definitely a true definition of sugar and spice.  Hopefully, if you encounter her it’s on a sugar day because she does have quite a bit of spice to her personality as well.


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