Budget Hotels: How to Pick a Winner

The term Budget Hotels may sound scary to you. These tips for finding the best budget hotel we’ll show you that budget doesn’t mean low quality. In fact, you will see how I Budget Hotel may actually be better than those you pay a high price to stay in on your vacation.

Budget Hotels: How to Pick a Winner

The first thing you consider as you start planning a vacation is where you’re going to stay. Typically if you are on a budget that means looking at the lowest price per night that will accommodate your needs.  Sometimes, however, it may seem like it’s a losing battle. You may feel like there’s no way you can afford to go on that trip because you can’t find somewhere to stay. You are wrong! Budget travel is easier than ever before. 

Sort hotels by reviews not by Price

When you are looking at sites like Booking Hotels.com, Kayak, or even Priceline, you may automatically choose the filter that shows the lowest price to the highest. Next time choose the filter that shows the highest reviews and / or customer ratings.

Looking at reviews first you can determine which hotels will suit your needs. Reviews will tell you if they are clean, in a safe neighborhood, or if they provide things like free breakfast and good Wi-Fi. Once you determine which hotels suit your specific needs, then you can narrow them down by Price.

Look at the dates of the reviews

Not only are reviews of the hotel important, the dates the reviews were left are vital to your decision-making. Many hotels do not book through third-party agencies all of the time. That means, not all reviews are up-to-date. Make sure to look at reviews and see if there are any within the last 90 days. If the reviews within the last 90 days, our overall good, then you will most likely have a good experience at that hotel.

Location Is Everything

Once you’ve determined that there’s a hotel within a price range, you want to evaluate the location of that hotel. For example, if you plan to visit a major city, you may realize that booking a hotel in a suburb, will save you money.  In this instance you need to determine if location is of importance.

If most of your entertainment and travel destinations are not limited by a set time to attend, that could be affected by things like traffic or road work, then staying in a suburb should be perfectly fine. If, however, you have a specific event to attend at a set time, staying in the suburbs may be difficult or potentially unpredictable for travel times. In this case, you may want to pay a little bit more for the budget hotel within the city limits versus the one on the suburb.

Cleanliness and Safety Come Before Amenities

This may be an unpopular opinion for some, however, it is vital to remember that amenities are not as important as cleanliness and safety when traveling.

There are many variables in choosing whether the amenities at the hotel are important for you and your family during your vacation. Consider this: your days are booked with museums, amusement parks, and other adventures outside of the hotel room. The need for an indoor or outdoor pool becomes unnecessary as you and your family will have little to no time to enjoy that. So, choosing a hotel that is cheaper because it does not offer this amenity may be a wiser decision for your family.

Instead of always booking at the chain hotels, consider the local mom-and-pop hotels. They may be older and/or dated in their decor, but if they are clean and safe they are worth considering. Remember, not all amenities equal a great Hotel experience. Smaller hotel chains or individually owned hotels, often give you a more personalized experience that feels more like home.

Do Your Research Before Booking

While these suggestions may not be what you expected, they are more than likely just what you need. Do your research before booking a hotel. This includes looking at reviews, considering locations, and thinking outside the box. A hotel is, after all, is just a place to sleep.

Make your vacation one that fits within your budget, by choosing the right hotel or motel for your needs.




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