Mexico again- UGH….uttered no wife, ever!

Planning on traveling soon and unsure of what you want to do?  Consider taking a cruise, especially if you want to truly relax and rejuvenate.  Here is an example of what my husband and I generally do while cruising.

Mexico again- UGH….uttered no wife, ever!

Mark and I take a vacation every year without our kids.  We have since they were little. I feel like that is one reason we have a fairly decent marriage.  One way we have made our vacation money stretch is cruising. We have now been on 13 cruises. Are they the most elaborate vacations ever? No, but we get to see many places, experience lots of new adventures and not break the bank.



Usually, our first afternoon of sailing we lay around on the Lido deck and people watch while we consume many adult beverages like this Margarita.  Along about dinner time we head to our rooms and change into our clothes for dinner.



We proceed to the dining room we are assigned to and begin our week long feat of overindulgence.  If you’ve never cruised before you will not appreciate my last sentence.  Overeating on a cruise ship is a must. If you cruise and do not overeat then you need to ask for your money back.  


They majority of ships have a wonderful menu for you to choose from and it consists of at least 4 courses.  You can order two or more of anything on the menu. They don’t care if you’ve already had two appetizers, a salad, main dish and one dessert already.  You can order another dessert AT. EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL.


Generally the first full day of a cruise is what they call an “at sea” day.  Meaning the ship is sailing to the first port of call. This day is the day I start my vacation as a life coach.  

What does that entail, you ask?  

It’s simple,  I sit on the cruise deck and help people with their body image.  When a 50 year old walks by in a string bikini designed for a 19 year old hot body I randomly say loudly, “You missed your muscle pump class, sweetie.  You must go back to the gym next week.” And when the male body builder struts by with his chest pumped out I loudly say, “Leg Day. Don’t forget Leg Day!”

All while I, demurely, sit in my larger sized tankini and consume lots of beer.

Mark and I also use this time to set goals for our family for the upcoming year and spend time in prayer for each other. ~and read.  We read lots. I mean lots and lots. I will usually download at least 6 books to my kindle and finish them the day before we sail back into port.

There is nothing like a good quality fun time spent with the one you love. So, where to next year?  Who knows but at least we’ll go together!

Some Pictures of our fun!

We had a custom ring made for our daughter in Costa Maya.

While we were in Cozumel we had her a personalized bracelet made.  We spell her name different than most so she can never find anything with her name on it when traveling.

When in doubt about your vacation plans… Check out cruising.  Mark and I are in process of planning lucky number 14.

Cruise Lines we love:

Royal Caribbean



After you book your cruise.  Read my article on Budget Friendly Hotels.





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