Fall Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Fall brings the cooler weather to us which allows us to get outside more. That is one of our favorite things about the season. Well, we can’t forget about the awesome colors it brings either! The other great thing about fall is that it is not hot like summer so no one will be miserable while they are working on outdoor activities or making crafts.

Speaking of outdoor activities and crafts, there are a ton of fun fall activities the whole family will enjoy doing.  From outdoor activities to cozy warm indoor activities, these fall themed ideas will make for a great family day this year.

Go on a Camping Trip

If the family loves to enjoy a good camping trip, fall is the perfect time to do so. You can enjoy the beautiful fall colors while breathing in some fresh air as you enjoy the beauty and nature around you.

Camping is also great in the fall because less people go camping during that time. Many campers enjoy camping during the summer season which means that fall campgrounds usually aren’t too full. You may even get discounted rates making it a win win!

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Take A Drive

Want to get out an enjoy the scenery that fall has to offer? Taking a drive around local lakes and parks will allow you to enjoy those beautiful fall colors. While driving around to see the scenery, stop at each place you visit so the kids can grab some colorful leaves and fall souvenirs. Once you get home, those leaves and items collected can be used to create some fun fall crafts.

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Go Fishing

Just like camping, fishing is a great activity to do in the fall because of the cooler weather. You won’t have to worry about sitting in the heat of the sun while being sticky and sweaty. This will allow you to focus more on fishing than worrying about staying cool. For even more fun, take the boat out along the water so you can see the fall colors throughout the lake. 

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Bake Some Fall Treats

Gather around in the kitchen and let everyone help in making some tasty fall treats. Pumpkin or spice cookies, cakes, and other goodies will fill up your home with those warm fall scents. 

Once the baking is done, you can set up a movie night with the kiddos and enjoy your freshly baked goodies.


Take the Family to a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are so much fun and since they are only around during the fall season, they are a must-do activity in the fall. The kids can choose their favorite pumpkins while they are there and enjoy the fall festivities at the pumpkin patch. Many pumpkin patches even have small petting zoos and games that the kids can play. Of course, you will also get to enjoy some of your favorite fall flavors and desserts.

Pumpkin hunting
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Pick Apples at the Orchard

Apple picking is another fall activity for the family. The kids will love picking the apples and you can turn it into a fun educational activity by having them count the number of apples they get. Once the apples have been picked, you can take them home and use them to make some sweet apple desserts. You can even use them in some fun apple crafts.

Apple Orchard
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Create Some Fun Fall Crafts

Crafts are always fun, no matter what the season or occasion is. In the fall, everyone can create some fall crafts together and once they are completed, you can use them as home décor. This will be a great way to get the family together and add some color to your home.

Fall Crafts
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Attend a Fall Festival

Festivals are fun and, in the fall, there seem to be a lot of festivals that pop up. These festivals can be a fun way for the family to spend the day together. The kids will love taking part in the games and enjoy the treats and activities offered.

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Fall is such a fun and colorful time of the year. You can actually enjoy the outdoors without being hot and sweaty, and there are lots of fun activities the whole family can enjoy.


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