Frozen blueberry snack

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The only snack you need to stay oh-so-fresh! This TikTok Frozen Blueberry Snack has been absolutely blowing up on TikTok, and it’s no wonder why! It has taken snacking to the next level.

Frozen Blueberry Snack

Frozen Blueberry Snack

Ingredients – Fresh Blueberries – Lemon Juice – Sugar

Frozen Blueberry Snack

Step 1 - Thoroughly, wash the blueberries in cold water. Pour the lemon juice over the berries and toss until coated.

Frozen Blueberry Snack

Step 2 – Add the sugar and gently stir until all the blueberries are coated in sugar. Put into an airtight container and freeze overnight.

Quick & Easy Frozen Blueberries

We freeze our juicy blueberries to perfection.  Keep yourself cool and energized during hot summer days or cool mornings.  This Viral Tiktok snack is perfect for scooping out just enough for a few bites when those cravings hit hard!