Pitcher Palomas

Must Try!

These Pitcher Palomas are sure to be your new go-to drink this summer! It’s easy to make an alcoholic version or go with a mocktail. The invigorating flavors will have you smacking your lips and savoring every last drop of this bubbly drink.


– Grapefruit Juice – Honey – Lime Juice – Sparkling Water – Sliced Grapefruit & Lime – Tequila (optional)

1. Begin by pouring the grapefruit juice in a large pitcher. Add in the lime juice, sparkling water, honey and tequila (if you are making an alcoholic version) and stir well.

2. Add some slices of fresh cut grapefruit and lime as a garnish.

3. Fill glasses with ice and pour the easy pitcher palomas on top. Sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy!

Serve & Enjoy!

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