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Change the Words You Use In Your Health Goals For Better Results

You have probably heard that words have power, and in your daily goals they have more power than you think. The wording of your goals and the way you word things regarding your health goals can have a profound effect on how you feel about reaching those goals. If you are in the process of writing down your goals, or if you have written them down and aren’t seeing results, then it may be in the wording itself. Here are a few word changes that you can use in your health goals to receive better results and a more positive outlook.

Remove Negative Words

Negative words may not be something you think about when you start writing your goals. Words like no, not, will not, can’t and other similar phrases will affect your minds outlook on the overall goal. For example, avoid statements like “don’t make stupid food choices.” This is a completely negative comment that will lead your mind to a path of the choices you making being stupid and ultimately that you are stupid. Instead, change the phrase to something positive and uplifting. 

For example, change the wording to “choose a health snack from the drawer when I’m hungry.” Now, create a drawer that actually has those snacks available. When you get hungry or a craving, you will see the goal and move to a positive choice instead of a negative viewpoint of yourself that may lead to depression and emotional eating. 

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Remove Variables

There are certain words that can change the way a statement reads. For example, phrases like may be able to, or the word might can change how the goal is viewed. Even the word try can cause a goal to derail. Instead of saying things and setting goals like “try to go to the gym this week,” go with a more positive and concrete statement. Change the statement to, “I will go to the gym three times this week.” Now you have the goal, a concrete statement, and there will be no trying and only doing.

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Remove Lengthy Explanations

Sometimes the wording is just too long. You have a goal in mind, but the wording seems to go on forever and incorporate several ideas instead of one concrete idea. Look over your goals and see which ones just don’t seem to get to the point. Find the point of the statement and rewrite the goal to fixate on that one point. Instead of saying you will go to the gym five days a week for one hour each time and work on several body areas, just focus on going to the gym five times a week. The rest can either go in different goals or will work themselves out at the gym. 

The idea with changing the words you use in your health goals for better results is to remove words that will cause obstacles in your mind and in your thought process. Even when you don’t think a word will influence you, it can trigger a memory that will do the influencing instead. By following these three simple removal steps to changing the words you use in your health goals, you can find a more positive outlook and a deeper appreciation for the goals you set.

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