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The Wooden Spoon Effect

In September 2016 a friend sent me a text asking if my nifty camera I use for my photography business would also record video. “Well, yes” I said, however at that point I had NEVER used the video function. She then proceeded to tell me she would like for me to watch a couple of video’s and try to film one for her. To myself, I giggled… First of all, I like a challenge AND I like to do new things.

I may be insecure in some areas but in the area of researching I. AM. ON. IT!

So, that afternoon when I clocked out from my traditional job I hightailed it home to start my research. After several hours on Facebook and Youtube I decided my friend, Sommer at  A SPICY PERSPECTIVE was absolutely crazy. Without a shadow of a doubt had lost her flipping mind. No way under the sun could I possibly turn out videos that would help bring a new level to her already established food blog.

At this point, I started pacing the floor doubting my abilities at doing anything. Seriously, I asked my husband if I truly could would be able to function as a part-time hobbyist food videographer. He and my daughter encouraged me massively. They jumped in to help me figure this video thing out. After two days of playing around with my camera and iMovie we had our protoType video.

That brings me to 2018, This year has been a crazy eyeopener. In March, I had a craniotomy to remove a 17mm Colloid Cyst with acute hydrocephalus. My husband and I decided we would start living for today because we are NOT promised tomorrow…

So, I made the decision to start a food blog. I will be using a lot of my mom and grandmother’s recipes. If any of you knew my mom and know my grandmother, you know THEY COULD COOK!

I’m going to put mom and nanny’s  recipes to the test and hope I can share that part of them with others!